Quilted Crib Mattress Protector - Eucalyptus Fibers (Tencel)

Quilted Crib Mattress Protector - Eucalyptus Fibers (Tencel)

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The Pebble-Puff crib mattress covers by Forty Winks are designed to give your little one maximum comfort in their sleep. This cover provides a protective barrier against dust mites and other allergens. Made of Eucalyptus Fibers (Tencel), this natural material is known for its softness and comfort.

Designed with a unique multi layer process, this breathable cover is also water repellent, to provide maximum protection against accidental spills and leaks. 

Forty Winks Pebble-Puff Mattress Covers are super plush and constructed with double stitched seams that make this fitted mattress pad easy to put on and take off.

52" X 28" x 8"

•  Eucalyptus Fibers (Tencel) 

•  Breathable

•  Water Repellent

 • Waterproof 

•  Dust Mite Protection

• Fitted

•  Machine Washable


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