8-Pack Urban Organic Baby Drool Bibs (Inspire)

8-Pack Urban Organic Baby Drool Bibs (Inspire)

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Baby's teething stage can cause much devastation to the parent and baby, having to deal with rashes and itchiness caused by excessive saliva, not forgetting the frequent changing of clothes.

With URBAN Drool Baby Bibs, you are assured that your baby's drools are well taken care of. Featuring a large bib and a super absorbent interior layer, our URBAN Drool Bib covers your baby's torso from neck to baby's belly, keeping their clothes dry and fresh all day long! The soft wrapped organic cotton seams provide extra comfort for your baby and they won’t feel a thing while having the baby cotton bibs on.

* Made from 100% organic cotton and polyester fleece

* Adjustable double snap settings - nickel-free snaps

* Suitable for newborns till 36 months up

* Machine washable

* Sold in packs of 8 in a kraft gift box

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