Breastfeeding Gift Box

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This hand-crafted gift box (made in Boise, Idaho) is for every mom going into a brand-new breastfeeding journey. High-quality, thoughtful, and made by a mother, this box comes from a place of love and understanding. Breastfeeding isn't always natural and easy. Sometimes it's difficult and complicated. The items inside this gift box are meant to help.

This breastfeeding gift box contains soft, absorbent breast pads; a double-insulated water bottle; a silicone breast pump and milk collector; organic nipple butter; organic milkmaid tea; and even a reusable flannel hand warmer for easing mastitis, lightly scented with Indian sandalwood oil to help ease anxiety. It's made at my very own kitchen table, by my mom and me. The box also comes with a booklet of breastfeeding tips, affirmations for motherhood, humorous anecdotes, helpful graphics of breastfeeding holds, and a delicious recipe for lactation cookies.

Everything is encapsulated in a beautiful wooden box, engraved and made just a half hour from where I live, in a little town called Emmett, Idaho. I'm happy to answer any questions you have!

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