Backpack & Pouch - Dino Quest

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Our friendly Dino-style backpack is perfect for all the young future palaeontologists (or simply for your kids that are crazy about dinos). Our dinosaur friend loves to ride the bus and is very greedy! Don't worry, it won't add to your grocery bill since it mainly feeds on school supplies (it finds ring binders particularly tasty). Protector, he never leaves without its baby dino friends, the cute little pouch. Made of vegan leather, no dinosaurs (or other animals) were affected in the process.

Durable, robust and super functional, you will appreciate these little details that make all the difference and make life easier for parents. Made of polyurethane on the exterior and with a waterproof 100% polyester lining on the inside, our bags are water resistant and most importantly, very easy to maintain. Even an applesauce explosion incident is resolved in a snap! Note that the outer zipper is made of metal, so very strong and will save you a lot of hassle and blasphemies, even after several months of use (not to say years). You will also find a clearly visible label inside to identify your kiddo. Our bags have a little vintage look, but it doesn't make them any less modern! As we once loved to place our precious comics books in, our bags have a padded compartment for a tablet or laptop (must keep up with the times!) Each backpack comes with a cute universe-related pouch. Designed with the same materials, it's strong and easy to maintain. Your little ones will love their baby dino pouch!