2in1 Montessori Arch Set: Climbing Arch/Rocker Balance + Slide Board/Climbing Ramp - Chocolate

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Introduce your child to the Montessori Climbing Arch & Slide/Ramp Set, thoughtfully designed to promote muscle development, balance control, hand-eye coordination, and self-confidence. Adaptable and space-efficient, this set is ideal for toddlers and young children, ranging from 1 to 6-7 years old.

Usage Possibilities

  1. Arch with Slide: Position the arch and attach the slide, allowing children to slide down from the peak.
  2. Arch with Climbing Ramp: Position the arch and flip the slide to its ramp side, creating an inclined climbing challenge.
  3. Rocker/Comfort Zone: Detach and flip the arch to use it as a soothing rocker. For added comfort, consider purchasing a cushion.


Expand your child's play horizons! Our items seamlessly combine with others. Consider adding a climbing net, triangle ladder, or snake ladder to diversify play opportunities and developmental experiences.


The foundation of every item in this set is eco-friendly birch plywood, while the dowels are crafted from soft linden hardwood. To ensure utmost safety, all wooden surfaces undergo meticulous sanding and polishing for a smooth, splinter-free finish. Treated with a special blend of oils and waxes, the playground equipment is apt for both indoor and controlled outdoor environments. However, it's best to avoid areas of extreme temperatures or high humidity.

Dimensions & Weight

- Complete Set Dimensions: 5 ft (150 cm)  

- Complete Set Weight: 17.67 lb (8.71 kg)

Set Components

  1. Arch/Rocker: 

   - Designed for the youngest explorers, this arch serves as an aid when they're learning to stand.

   - For older children, it can be a climbing challenge or, when inverted, a unique balance board.

  1. Slide/Climbing Ramp:  

   - Double-sided design: One smooth side serves as a slide while the other, equipped with five wooden planks, becomes a climbing ramp. This dual function enriches playtime, offering both ascent and descent activities.

Equip your child with dynamic play options and foster their development with this expertly crafted Montessori set!

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